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This page contains important information regarding the terms and conditions which apply to your trading account with Moneywise Finvest Limited (hereinafter called as “Stoxkart”), being a Trading Member of NSE ,BSE and MCX registered with Securities & Exchange Board of India ("SEBI") having Registration No. INZ000196835 for Cash, Equity Derivatives, Currency Derivatives & Commodity Derivatives segments of NSE (Member Id 90161), BSE (Member Id 6690) & MCX (Member Id 56325). The Depository services for your account will be enabled through SMC Global Securities Limited, a Depository Participant using CDSL as the Depository having SEBI Registration no. IN-DP-130-2015. Access to your account and the usage of your account is subject to your compliance with all the terms and conditions set forth herein, read along with all documents, including but not limited to; applications forms and undertakings, signed by you during account opening. Please read this page carefully and retain it for future reference.

The website is owned, operated and maintained by Moneywise Finvest Limited, a Company duly registered under the Companies Act, 1956, and having their Registered Office at #106, Ocean Plaza, P-5, Sector-18 Noida, Gautam Buddh Nagar, U.P. – 201301 and Corporate office at 11/6B, Shanti Chamber, Pusa Road, New Delhi - 110005.Please note that the information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

General terms and conditions

Before availing of online trading services, the Client shall complete the registration process as may be prescribed from time to time. The Client shall follow the instruction given in the website for registering himself as a Client.

The Client agrees that all investment and disinvestment decisions are based on the Client's own evaluation of financial circumstances and investment objectives. This extends to any decisions made by the Client on the basis of any information that may be made available on the website of Stoxkart. The Client will not hold nor seek to hold Stoxkart or any of its officers, directors, partners, employees, agents, subsidiaries, affiliates or business associates liable for any trading losses, cost of damage incurred by the Client consequent upon relying on investment information, research opinions or advice or any other material/information whatsoever on the website, literature, brochure issued by Stoxkart or any other agency appointed/authorized by Stoxkart. The Client should seek independent professional advice regarding the suitability of any investment decisions. The Client also acknowledges that employees of Stoxkart are not authorized to give any such advice and that the Client will not solicit or rely upon any such advice from Stoxkart or any of its employees.


All orders for purchase, sale or other dealings in securities and other instructions routed through the Stoxkart’s Online Trading System via the Client’s Username shall be deemed to have been given by the Client.

The Client agrees to provide information relating to customer user identification number, and such other information as may be required while placing orders on the telephone to determine the identity of the Client.

The orders and instructions and all contracts and transactions entered into pursuant thereto and the settlement thereof will be in accordance with the Exchange Provisions.

Stoxkart may from time to time impose and vary limits on the orders which the Client can place through Stoxkart’s online trading System (including exposure limits, turnover limits, limits as to the number, value and/or kind of securities in respect of which orders can be placed, the companies in respect of whose securities orders can be placed, etc.). The Client is aware and agrees that Stoxkart may need to vary or reduce the limits or impose new limits urgently on the basis of the Stoxkart’s risk perception and other factors considered relevant by Stoxkart, and Stoxkart may be unable to inform the Client of such variation, reduction or imposition in advance. The Client agrees that Stoxkart shall not be held responsible for such variation, reduction or imposition or the Client’s inability to route any order through Stoxkart’s Online Trading System on account of any such variation, reduction or imposition of limits. The Client understands and agrees that Stoxkart may at any time, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, prohibit or restrict the Client’s ability to place orders or trade in securities through Stoxkart.

Though orders will generally be routed to the Exchange’s computer systems within a few seconds from the time the order is placed by the Client on Stoxkart ’s Online Trading System, Stoxkart shall not be liable for any delay in the execution of any order or for any resultant loss on account of the delay.

The Client agrees that Stoxkart may impose scripwise surveillance or such other conditions as to scripwise limits, etc. The Client also understands that Stoxkart may impose various surveillances which may differ from Client to Client on the basis of the Stoxkart’s risk perception and other factors considered relevant by Stoxkart.

In case of a market order, the Client agrees that he will receive the price at which his order is executed by the exchange’s computer system; and such price may be different from the price at which the security is trading when his order is entered into Stoxkart’s Online Trading System.

Trading, settlement and accounts

The Client agrees that all orders placed through the website shall be forwarded by the system to the Exchange. All orders placed otherwise than through the website shall be forwarded by the system to Exchange terminals or any other order execution mechanism at the discretion of Stoxkart. In the event that the order is placed during the trading hours, it shall be routed to and executed on the market system.

Online confirmation will be sent to the Client by electronic mail or SMS after the execution of the order, trade and this shall be deemed to be valid delivery thereof by Stoxkart. It shall be the responsibility of the Client to review immediately upon receipt, whether delivered to him by electronic mail or any other electronic means all confirmations of order, transactions, or cancellations. It shall be the responsibility of the Client to follow up with Stoxkart for all such confirmations that are not received by him within a stipulated time.

The Client shall bring any errors in any report, confirmation or contract note of executed trades (including execution prices, scripts or quantities) to Stoxkart’s notice in writing by an electronic mail or fax within twenty four hours of receipt of the concerned report, confirmation or contract note. Any other discrepancy in the confirmation or account shall be notified by the Client to Stoxkart in writing via electronic mail or fax within twenty four hours from the time of receipt of the first notice. In all cases, Stoxkart shall have a right to accept or reject the Client’s objection.

There may be a delay in Stoxkart receiving the reports of transaction, status, from the respective Exchanges or other persons in respect of or in connection with which Stoxkart has entered into contracts or transactions on behalf of the Clients. Accordingly Stoxkart may forward to the Client late reports in respect of such transactions that were previously unreported to him as been expired, cancelled or executed. The Client shall not hold Stoxkart responsible for any losses suffered by the Client on account of any late reports, statements or any errors in the report / statements computed by or received from any Exchange.

The Client agrees that if, for any circumstance or for any reason, the markets close before the acceptance of the Order by the Exchange, the order may be rejected. The Client agrees further, that Stoxkart may reject Orders if the same are rejected by the Exchange for any reason. In case of rejection of an order due to rejection by the Exchange, the Client agrees that the order shall remain declined and shall not be re-processed, in any event.

Stoxkart may, at its sole discretion, reject any order placed on the website or in any other manner due to any reason, including but not limited to the non-availability of funds in the trading account of the Client, non-availability of securities in the Demat account of the Client with a designated depository participant, insufficiency of margin amount if the Client opts for margin trading, suspension of scrip- specific trading activities by or on an Exchange and the applicability of circuit breaker to a scrip in which orders are placed.

The Client agrees that, if the order is not accepted on the website for any reason, Stoxkart shall have the right to treat the order as having lapsed.

The Client is aware that the electronic trading systems either at the Exchange or in the office of Stoxkart offices are vulnerable to temporary disruptions, breakdowns or failures. In the event of non- execution of trade orders or trade cancellation due to the happening of such events or vulnerabilities due to failure / disruption / breakdown of system or link, Stoxkart shall be entitled to cancel relative request/(s) with the Client and shall not be liable to execute such desired transactions of the Client’s. In such event, Stoxkart does not accept responsibility for any losses incurred / that may be incurred by the Client due to such eventualities which are beyond the control of Stoxkart

Stoxkart may at its sole discretion permit execution of orders in respect of securities, irrespective of the amount in the balance of the account of the Client.

The Client agrees to abide with and be bound by all the rules, regulations and bye-laws of the Exchange as are in force pertaining to the transactions on his behalf carried out by Stoxkart and the orders placed by him on the website or any other manner.

Stoxkart shall not be responsible for any order, that is made by the Client by mistake and every order that is entered by the Client through the use of the allotted user name and the security code(s) shall be deemed to be a valid order for which the Client shall be fully responsible.

Cancellation or modification of an order pursuant to the Client’s request in that behalf is not guaranteed. The order will be cancelled or modified only if the Client’s request for cancellation and modification is received and the order is successfully cancelled or modified before it is executed. Market orders are subject to immediate execution wherever possible.

The Client shall not be entitled to presume an order having been executed, cancelled or modified until a confirmation from Stoxkart is received by the Client. However, due to technical other factors the confirmation may not be immediately transmitted to or received by the Client and such a delay shall not entitle the Client to presume that the order has not been executed cancelled or modified unless and until Stoxkart has so confirmed in writing.

The pending orders shall be governed as per the Exchange systems, after the market is closed for the day.

Stoxkart shall issue contract notes in terms of the SEBI (Brokers and Sub-Brokers) Rules and Regulations, 1992, within 24 hours of the execution of the trade. Such a contract note, if issued in physical form shall be dispatched by Stoxkart by courier, at the address expressly informed to Stoxkart by the Client. The Client agrees that Stoxkart to issue the contract note in digital form which shall be sent by way of electronic mail to the email id provided by the Client. Stoxkart shall not be responsible for the non-receipt of the trade confirmation due to any change in the correspondence address of the Client not intimated to Stoxkart in writing.Client is aware that it is his responsibility to review the trade confirmations, the contract notes, the bills or statements of account immediately upon their receipt. All such confirmations and statements shall be deemed to have been accepted as correct if the Client does not object in writing to any of the contents of such trade confirmation/intimation within 24 hours to Stoxkart.

Stoxkart may allow/disallow Client from trading in any security or class of securities, or derivatives contracts and impose such conditions including scrip-wise conditional trading for trading as it may deem fit from time to time.


The Client agrees and undertakes to deposit margin with Stoxkart in the form of cash, securities or other acceptable securities, which Stoxkart may require as margin. The Client agrees that Stoxkart shall be entitled to require the Client to deposit with Stoxkart a higher margin than that prescribed by the Exchange.Stoxkart shall also be entitled to require the Client to keep permanently with Stoxkart a margin of a value specified by Stoxkart so long as the Client desires to avail of the Online Trading Service of Stoxkart.

The Margin will not be interest bearing. Stoxkart shall have, at its sole discretion, the irrevocable right to set off a part or whole of the Margin i.e., by the way of appropriating of the relevant amount of cash or by sale or transfer of all or some of the Securities which form part of the Margin, against any dues of the Client or of a member of the group of the Client (for the purposes of these Terms, "Group" shall mean all the individuals, group companies, firms, entities and the persons as specified in the schedule to the Member Client Agreement) in the event of the failure of the Client or a member of the Group of the Client to meet any of their respective obligations under these Terms & Conditions.

The Client agrees and authorizes Stoxkart to determine the market value of securities placed as margin after applying a haircut that Stoxkart may deem appropriate. The Client undertakes to monitor the market value of such securities on a continuous basis. The Client further undertakes to replenish any shortfall in the value of the margin consequents to a fall in the market value of such securities placed as margin immediately whether or not Stoxkart intimates such shortfall.

Stoxkart may at its sole discretion prescribe the payment of Margin in the form of cash instead of or in addition to margin in form of securities. The Client accepts to comply with the requirement of Stoxkart with regards to payment of Margin in the form of cash immediately. Without prejudice to the stock broker's other rights (including the right to refer a matter to arbitration), the stock broker shall be entitled to liquidate / close out all or any of the Client's positions for non- payment of margins or other amount, outstanding debts, etc., and adjust the proceeds of such liquidation / close out, if any, against the Client's liabilities / obligations. Any and all losses and financial charges on account of such liquidation / closing-out shall be charged to and borne by the Client.

The Client agrees to abide by the exposure limits, if any, set by the Stoxkart or by the Exchange or Clearing Corporation or SEBI from time to time.

The Client is also aware that Stoxkart is required to deposit sufficient margin with the Exchange to enable all its eligible Clients to trade subject to such limits as may be imposed by Stoxkart on the basis of Stoxkarts' Risk perception and other factors considered relevant by Stoxkart. However, there may be circumstances when the deposits made by Stoxkart with the Exchange may not be sufficient in times of extreme volatility and trading terminals of Stoxkart may get temporarily suspended because of the cumulative effect of non-meeting of obligation by various Clients as per these Terms & Conditions. In these circumstances, no Client shall have the right to claim any damages from Stoxkart for any loss that they might incur on account of such suspension of trading.

The Client agrees that any securities/cash placed by him/her/it as margin may in turn be placed as margin by Stoxkart with the Exchanges or banks or such other institution as Stoxkart may deem fit. The Client authorizes Stoxkart to do all such acts, deeds and things as may be necessary and expedient for placing such securities/cash with the Exchanges/Banks/Institutions as margin.

Any reference in these terms to sales or transfer of Securities by Stoxkart shall be deemed to include sale of the Securities which form part of the Margin maintained by the Client with Stoxkart. In exercise of Stoxkart's right to sell securities under the Agreement, the Client agrees that the choice of specific securities to be sold shall be solely at the discretion of Stoxkart.

Maintenance of trading account

Money pay-in to Stoxkart - The Client agrees that all payments due to Stoxkart will be made within the specified time and in the event of any delay, Stoxkart may refuse, at it’s discretion, to carry out transactions or close out the position and the costs/losses if any, thereof shall be borne solely and completely by the Client. Further, in case of any shortfall in money pay-in, a delay payment charges (DPC) will be imposed i.e. 0.07% per day (including GST) to the extent of shortfall. All payments made to Stoxkart shall be from the account of the Client and shall not to be from any third party.

Money payout to Stoxkart - Notwithstanding anything contained in any other agreement or arrangement, if any, between the parties hereto, the Client hereby authorizes Stoxkart to release all payments due to him from the trading account maintain with Stoxkart, against specific request in this behalf.

Securities pay-in to Stoxkart - All delivery to be effected to Stoxkart for a trade, must be made within 24 hours from the execution of the sale order or one day before the pay-in date, whichever is earlier. Losses, if any, that may accrue in the event of a default in completing the delivery on the Exchange by Stoxkart as a result of any delay in the delivery by the Client, shall be borne solely and completely by the Client. Losses for the purposes of this clause shall include auction debits/ penalty charges, if any incurred as a result of non-delivery of securities on the settlement date on the Exchange. No third party shares will be sold through Stoxkart or third party payment should be made to Stoxkart and Client will be solely responsible for any violation. If the Client has sold any securities from the Exchange against purchase in previous settlements, such sale shall be at the sole risk as to costs and consequences thereof of the Client.

Securities pay-out by Stoxkart - Stoxkart may directly credit the demat account of the Client with the depository participant or maintain the securities account with Stoxkart on a running account basis.

Stoxkart is entitled to consider any sum or money or security lying to the credit of the Client as margin received.

Risk Management and Surveillance

We have a client level risk management system wherein the margins/collaterals of all the clients are uploaded to the front office software of the Exchange/Company. The clients are allotted exposure based on the margin/collaterals available with us.

Margin will be collected upfront from all the clients and will be collected either by cheques and other banking instruments through mapped bank accounts of the client, by securities and other eligible instruments prescribed by SEBI/Exchanges. Different forms of margin/collaterals which may be collected are Funds, Securities, Mutual Fund Units, Government Securities / T-Bills, Bank Guarantee, Fixed Deposits etc. The collaterals given by the clients towards margin are accepted only after haircut called “VaR” which is never less than that fixed by the Exchange. An extra VaR (STOXKART VaR) will be applied for haircut on collaterals to give extra cushion against volatility and exposure will be allowed accordingly. STOXKART VaR is calculated taking into consideration many factors such impact cost, VaR by Exchange(s), Market Capitalization, turnover etc.

In Capital Market segments, clients need to have 100 % cash margin ( cash + cash components) and are allowed to execute transactions and the VaR / Initial margin will be blocked based on the exposure availed by the client. Clients are required to mark scheme of product at the time of entering order i.e. Margin Intraday Scheme (MIS) or Delivery. In case of Delivery product, client is required to pay rest of the bill amount on T day as well to avoid any delay payment charges i.e. 0.07% per day (including GST). In case the client fails to clear payment within 7 days from the execution of the trade, the position shall be squared off.

Further, in case of MIS Product (Intraday/Jobbing), a client can refer our website to know the Intraday/Jobbing margin applied on a particular scrip using Margin Calculator.

In case of derivatives segments (F&O, CD, COM), client needs to maintain at least 50% of margin in the form of cash component at all times and rest may be in non-cash component. In case of any shortfall in cash margin or in total margin, a delay payment charges (DPC) will be imposed i.e. 0.07% per day (including GST) to the extent of shortfall.

Client’s position in MIS product (equity/derivative) will be squared off by 03:10 pm if position is not converted into delivery by client or anytime if 50% of client margin erode.

Any liquidation/squaring off of existing position of the client will be based on given example:

If any client is having Rs. 1 Lakh margin deposit.

He may take a position in ACC Ltd. up to Rs. 10 Lakh (We are assuming that ACC is attracting a margin of 10% is a part of category A3 securities.)

After taking this position client stands @ 100% (Margin required). In case of any fall in the price of the security, following action will be initiated:


Fall in

price of ACC

Collateral value

reduced due to

MTM/Notional Loss

Shortfall in

Margin due

to price fall


margin of


Action to Initiate
2.00% 20000 20000 80.00% Intimation call
4.00% 40000 40000 60.00% Alert via SMS and Mail
5.00% 50000 50000 50.00%

SMS, Mail and IVR Call on

reduced position


Representations and warranties

The Client hereby warrants that he is capable of executing share trading through Stoxkart and that the terms of the present are not in contravention of any rights of any party with whom such Client has any agreements, at any time prior to the execution of share trading through Stoxkart.

He agrees to provide and continue to provide all details about themselves as may be required by Stoxkart, including but not restricted to PAN Number or Unique Identification Number (issued by SEBI) , and states all details and facts represented to Stoxkart are true.

The Client is aware and acknowledges that trading over the internet involves many uncertain factors and complex hardware, software, systems, communication lines, peripherals, etc., which are susceptible to interruptions and dislocations; and the Online Trading Service of Stoxkart may at any time be unavailable without further notice. Stoxkart and the Exchange do not make any representation or warranty that the Online Trading Service of Stoxkart will be available to the Client at all times without any interruption. The Client agrees that he shall not have any claim against the Exchange or Stoxkart on account of any suspension, interruption, non-availability or malfunctioning of the Online Trading System or Service of Stoxkart or the Exchange's service or systems for any reason whatsoever.

Stoxkart states that, it has complied with and will continuously comply and if not proposes to comply with all statutory and regulatory directions to offer the Internet Trading services through the website and for dealing in cash and derivatives segment of the Exchange.

The Client warrants that all or any of the securities deposited by him with Stoxkart in respect of margin requirements or otherwise, are owned by him and the title thereof is clear and free of encumbrances.

The Client/s agree to indemnify and hold Stoxkart harmless against any loss that may be suffered by it, its customers or a third party or any claim or action that may be initiated by a third party which is in any way the result of improper use of user ID and password by the Client/s.

The Client hereby confirms and warrants that the Client authorizes Stoxkart to take all such steps on the Client’s behalf as may be required for provisions or to complete or settle any transactions entered into through or with Stoxkart or executed by Stoxkart on behalf of the Client. However, nothing herein shall oblige Stoxkart to take such steps.

Fees and brokerage

The Client agrees to pay to Stoxkart brokerage, commission, fees and other taxes and transaction expenses as they exist from time to time and as they apply to the Client's account and transactions, and the services that he receives from Stoxkart.

A schedule of brokerage, fees and commissions, applicable service and other taxes and other transaction expenses shall be provided by Stoxkart to the Client from time to time upon request by the Client.

Current pricing structure (i.e.Rs. 0/- for Delivery Brokerage& Rs. 15/- for Intraday etc.)can be revised as per decision by Stoxkart.

Investment or any other advice

The Client agrees that none of the services available on the website shall amount to investment advice on the part of Stoxkart.

The Client agrees that in the event of Stoxkart or any employee or official of Stoxkart, providing any information, recommendation or advice to the Client, the Client may act upon the same at the sole risk and cost of the Client, and Stoxkart shall not be liable or responsible for the same.

Stoxkart, and its officers, directors, partners, employees, agents and affiliates will have no liability with respect to any investment decisions or transactions of the Client.

StoxMF Mutual funds


StoxMF is only an order collection platform that collects orders on behalf of Clients and places them on BSE StarMF for execution. The Client expressly agrees that Stoxkart is not liable or responsible and does not represent or warrant for any damages regarding non-execution of orders or any incorrect execution of orders with regard to the funds chosen by the Client due to, but not being limited to, any link/system failure, sufficient/insufficient funds in the trading account which may occur at the end of the Client, Stoxkart or the Exchange platform.

Funds required for mutual fund purchases on StoxMF are not blocked on a real-time basis, they are debited at an end of day basis. After having placed any fund order through StoxMF, if you have used the same funds to trade in the secondary markets, your account may go into a debit balance and you would be liable for all subsequent charges including any interest and margin penalty.


Stoxkart does not warrant that the service will be uninterrupted or error-free. The service is provided in an "as is" and "as available" basis without warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including, without limitation, those of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The Client agrees that Stoxkart shall not be held responsible for delays in transmission of orders due to breakdown of the system or failure of communication facilities either due to the fault of the systems of Stoxkart or of the Exchanges or otherwise or for any other delay beyond the reasonable control of Stoxkart due to a breakdown or failure of communication facilities or for any other delay beyond the reasonable control of Stoxkart.

All modification to these Terms & Conditions shall be made solely at the discretion of Stoxkart and shall be intimated to the Client by a suitable modification to the terms and conditions or other applicable section on the website or in any other manner.


In the event of death or insolvency of the Client, winding up or liquidation, or their otherwise becoming incapable of receiving and paying for or delivering or transferring securities which the Client has ordered to be bought or sold, Stoxkart may close out the transaction of the Client and the Client or his legal representative shall be liable for any losses, costs and be entitled to any surplus which may result there from.

The Client is aware that authentication technologies and strict securities measures are required for internet trading through order routed system and undertake to ensure that the password of the Client and /or their authorized representatives are not revealed to any third party. The Client also agrees to indemnify Stoxkart from any loss, damage, claim or any action instituted against Stoxkart arising from the misuse of the password by any party.

Force majeure

Stoxkart shall not be responsible for delay or default in the performance of their obligations due to contingencies beyond their control, such as (including but not limited to) losses caused directly or indirectly by Exchange or market rulings, suspension of trading, fire, flood, civil commotion, earthquake, war, strikes, failure of the systems, failure of the internet links or government / regulatory action.

Refund & cancellation policy

The Refund & Cancellation policy for all payments made towards account opening or any other services using any mode of payment shall stand as under:

The Fees paid towards account opening charges for enabling equities and commodities, or any other services is non-refundable.

Pick up of required documents related to the account opening procedure is subject to availability of our representatives, given at any particular time and location.

In case your account has not been opened by Team Stoxkart, after the tenth day passing by from the day of collection of all necessary supporting documents and receipt of all due authorizations from you, you may request for a full refund of the charges as paid by you towards account opening.

In case you have paid the charges relating to account opening multiple times, please send us an email at and we will initiate the necessary procedure to refund your money.

Client Referral

  • Client can refer an account through website or mobile app.
  • In the event that multiple affiliates refer the same unique client, only the first referrer will receive credit for the referral.
  • Referrer will be provided benefit only when his/her unique client code is mapped as ‘referrer’ under respective referred accounts.
  • Lead should be converted by our sales team within 30 days of reference.
  • Upfront Benefit : Subjected to valid AOC or Active (Traded) account by 10th of subsequent month with minimum Margin of Rs 2500.
  • Upfront Margin should be maintained in account for minimum 30 days.
  • The referrer will receive the referral reward of Rs 500/- per active account, subjected to maximum of Rs 5000 per month.
  • Referral benefit would be provided to the referrer client by the 15th of next month in his/her respective Stoxkart Client Ledger.
  • Referrer should be an active client of Stoxkart.
  • Moneywise Finvest Ltd reserves the rights to discontinue or change the scheme at any time.


“Pay only when you earn profit” on Intraday trade. This offer is valid till 31st March, 2020.

Brokerage for the 1st leg of the transaction will be charged in all cases.

Brokerage for the 2nd leg will be charged only if it results in profit (on FIFO basis).


All notices, correspondences or communications issued under this agreement shall be served in any one or more of the following modes of communications and such notice or communication shall be served at the ordinary place of residence and/or last known web address / residing address and / or at the ordinary business address of the party to this agreement such as -

  • By hand
  • Delivery by post
  • By registered post
  • Under certificate of posting
  • By email or fax
  • By affixing it on the door at the last known business or residential address.
  • By oral communication to the party or on the last known telephone number or on the recording machine of such number.
  • By notice posted on the notice board of the Exchange if no address is known. Any communication sent by Stoxkart to the Client shall be deemed to have been properly delivered or served, if such communication is returned on Stoxkart as unclaimed / refused / undelivered, if the same was sent in any one more of the above modes of communication to the ordinary place of residence and / or last known web address /residing address and / or at the ordinary business address of the party to this agreement.
  • The referrer will receive the referral reward of Rs 500/- once referee account is activated i.e. Ist trade is made in the trading account opened with us.

"Prevent unauthorized transactions in your account. Update your mobile numbers/email IDs with your stock brokers. Receive information of your transactions directly from Exchange on your mobile/email at the end of the day. Issued in the interest of investors"

"KYC is one time exercise while dealing in securities markets - once KYC is done through a SEBI registered intermediary (broker, DP, Mutual Fund etc.), you need not undergo the same process again when you approach another intermediary."

Dear Investor, if you are subscribing to an IPO, there is no need to issue a cheque. Please write the Bank account number and sign the IPO application form to authorize your bank to make payment in case of allotment. In case of non allotment the funds will remain in your bank account.

We have not authorized anyone to trade on behalf of others. If you find anyone claiming to be part of Stoxkart and offering such services, please send us an email at