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Stox Mutual Fund Stox Mutual Fund

STOXMF - Mutual funds online

Stoxkart assists you in making your investment portfolio complete by investing in the best Mutual Funds online that are most suitable for your financial goals. You can choose to start small and still manage to build wealth all while securing your family’s future.

Key features
  • Invest in Mutual Funds & Stock Market directly from a single platform
  • Paper less & hassle free transaction
  • A recommendation for MF as per your need
  • Create online mandate for Systematic Investment Plan
  • Get mutual fund units in your demat account
  • Complete wealth solution
  • SMC Portfolio Health Check-up to guide you on mutual fund holdings
  • Secure transaction
  • Saves tax
  • Low-risk

Get one stop wealth solutions with stoxkartFind the best-performing mutual funds and start investing with as low as 500/-


Invest as low as500 every month to get started


Choose from over 1000s of Mutual Funds available


Whatever may be your goal, plan today for a better tomorrow


Save tax upto46,350 under section 80C


Park your money here and get higher returns than bank FDs


Track what you are spending and where. Control overspending.

Get one stop Wealth Solutions with StoxkartFind the best-performing mutual funds and start investing with as low as 500/-

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Follow a simple step to start todayInvesting in Mutual Funds was never so simple!

Choose from the best

Our recommeded schemes are the best in category

Safe and secured

Invest desired amount via our bank grade secured platform

Complete your KYC

100% online. Zero paperwork

Simply link your account

just link your bank account and make sip of amount of your convenience

Track your progress

Track progress and control your investments

Zero fees

100% online. zero paperwork

Grow Your Wealth with the STOXKART AppInvest and trade easy with Stoxkart smart trading app.

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Choose from the Best Stoxkart smart trading application helps you to find and choose the funds that give you highest returns. See below the fund scheme performance and their benchmarks.

  • Comprehensive Insights

    Comprehensive Insights

    After processing billions of combinations

  • Recommendations Powered

    Recommendations Powered

    by artificial intelligence

  • Index-Beating Returns

    Index-Beating Returns

    Even with market fluctuations

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