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Who is an NRI

An NRI is an Indian citizen who stays outside India for the purpose of employment, business or vocation, or under circumstances indicating an intention to stay outside India for an uncertain duration, or Any Indian citizen posted outside India for a temporary period in connection with employment, the period of stay being 6 months or more.

OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) or PIO (Person of Indian Origin)

NRIs hold Indian passport. Overseas Citizens of India do not hold Indian passport, however it is the closest thing to a dual citizenship that India Offers.

OCI consists of

Can NRIs and OCIs invest in Indian Stock Markets?

Yes, NRI and OCIs can invest in Indian stock markets on Repatriable and Non Repatriable basis through NRE and NRO accounts respectively.
Investment avenues are

What are Repatriable ( NRE ) and Non Repatriable Accounts ( NRO )

An NRI can open NRE, NRO or Both types of accounts in India.

How can an NRI start trading in Indian markets?

An NRI can open NRE, NRO or Both types of accounts in India.

How does the NRI trading happens, any special compliances

Are there any restrictions on NRI Trading?

NRIs can trade only on delivery based equities. Intraday can be done in F&O Trading. SMC is a Trading and Clearing Member so for NRIs, we apply for the Custodian Participant Code for client and clear their trades in F&O Segment.

Is PIS required if an NRI wants to invest in IPOs only?

If a client is interested in only applying for IPOs only, No PIS is required. They can go for NRE or NRO Demat and apply for IPOs through their net-banking login of their respective bank account.

If a client had purchased stocks while they were resident Indians, how can the sale proceed be repatriated?

In this case the existing resident status Demat account is to be converted to NRO Demat account. The client would have to submit the KYC again with the broker to change the status and map the NRO account. Once it is done, the client can continue to hold the stocks under NRI status or choose to sell the stocks and take the funds in their NRO accounts.

Can any bank and PIS account work with a Stoxkart Demat and Trading?

If the client wants to open NRE Trading account We have tie for NRI trading with the following banks for PIS

In case of NRO trading any bank can be added.

What are the document needed to open Demat and Trading account

NOTE : If the client is not in India at the time of account opening, all the documents are to be attested by Notary, Banker of Indian Embassy,



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