It’s hard to forget a more dramatic roller-coaster ride for investors than the year 2020. When markets were in free fall in March, no one would have imagined all-time highs will be achieved before the year ends.

The New Year 2021 has witnessed a good start wherein the markets are sitting at all-time highs and are showing resilience on the back of abundant liquidity in global markets, positive developments on the Covid-19 vaccine front, and signs of economic recovery.



In India, the pharmaceutical sector has emerged as a winner during the covid-19 outbreak and proved to be the savior for the investors with a substantial return in 2020. The experts believe that the sector should continue to remain in focus in 2021 because of a minimal impact of any adverse outcome of the US FDA, as a large number of companies have automated their production capability and fairly diversified their production base in the last five years.



According to the Indian Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the Indian IT service sector is likely to resume and generate high single-digit revenue growth in 2021- 2022 on higher demand for digital transformation. The leading research firm Gartner has projected that revenue from the Indian IT services market will rise by a 10 percent CAGR and hit $350 billion in 2025. It remains very positive because the global economy seems to be recovering, we will be seeing a lot of tailwinds pushing the economy forward.



The automobile companies witnessed a remarkable improvement in their
respective volume during the last three months led by festive demand. Increased preference for personal mobility is also likely to push sales of affordable cars and two-wheelers owing to social distancing needs. The brokerage firm expects a decent rebound in CV, 3W and export volume in
2021. With growing as the world’s third-largest passenger vehicle market, the $118 bn automobile industry is expected to reach $300 bn by 2026.



The financial sector has witnessed a sharp rebound in the last two months based on improved collection efficiency, emerging clarity over favorable credit cost, slashed the repo rate to a record low, and opened up a special credit line for banks to encourage them to lend more. All these steps will give aid the banks to witness sound earnings growth and to gain the most in 2021.



With improving growth https://transparentpharmacy.net prospects, real estate prices in the prime cities are expected to stay stable with upwards growth in certain verticals. Additionally, the initiatives like lower interest rate scenarios, the stamp duty cut by various state governments, and discounts will sustain in 2021 as well. As per a recent report by Savills India, PE investment in the Indian real estate sector may recover and garner inwards flow to the tune of $6 billion in 2021, up 30% YoY.


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