Stoxkart Presents SMC Autotrender- Best Market Research Software for Fast and Smart Trading

Stoxkart Presents Autotrender- Best Market Research Software for Fast and Smart Trading.

Stoxkart presents one of the best market analysis tools Autotrender, which is designed by professional traders to help you with fast and rich evaluation of the market through unique data analysis, automated tools and supporting charts & indicators.This varied and in-depth research tool provides many features and benefits that are useful for Intraday or Positional trade analysis for you to increase your trading profitability and enjoy the positive results.

Stoxkart Presents SMC Autotrender- Best Market Research Software for Fast and Smart Trading Stox
Six features of Autotrender:

  1. Automated Market Analysis– This tool guides you on the direction of the market trend with the help of charts and indicators. It also identifies right sectors or stocks and gives you information about entry and exit on right price at the right time.
  2. Frequent Data and Trend Update – This market analysis tool frequently updates data and market trends on your screen to make your trade more accurate.
  3. Fast and Timely Information – It can predict the market trends in live trading by doing a fast analysis in chart and table form. You can also use this tool effectively for Option and Derivative trading.
  4. Cover Multiple Index and Segments –This tool covers the trend of multiple index like Nifty, Bank Nifty, Options and segments like Equity, Future, Bullions, Metals and Agri Sector.
  5. Better Trade Accuracy – Autotrender is based on widely used technical studies, logics or sector filtration on the financial market. This increases the accuracy of your trade even more.
  6. Fast and Easy Access from Any Device – It’s a fast and easy tool which can be accessed from any device like computer, tablet or mobile.

Six Benefits of Autotrender:

  • Helps in decision making of Intraday and Delivery Trade
  • Increases your trade confidence
  • Checks the trend of stock performance from its live charts and indicators
  • Identifies profitable ideas
  • Helps in minimizing trading risk
  • Indicates trend for future trading

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Stoxkart, a latest discount brokerage trading platform, empowers traders & investors by sharing its market expertise, new-age technology, zero brokerage advantages and an opportunity to invest in mutual funds online. Stoxkart offers three trading platforms – mobile, browser and desktop for an uninterrupted trading experience. With Stoxkart, opening a Demat account on is very easy and hassle-free. Join Stoxkart’s fast growing community of traders and experience a superior level of trading.

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