The discount brokerage has set up a totally new investment scenario in India. With a goal of making trading easier and cheaper by breaking all barriers that traders and investors face in terms of cost, support, and technology, Stoxkart, by SMC, has recently entered the discount brokerage game.
With a vast experience in financial markets and a strong understanding of growing customer needs, Stoxkart empowers traders & investors by sharing its market expertise, new-age technology, zero brokerage advantages and excellent trading platforms.

Pay brokerage only if you gain profit.

Delivery trade, one of the most common trading methods in the stock market, is at zero cost for life at Stoxkart. So, the investors that have in mind to hold on to their stockholdings for a longer period of time can do so without worrying about spending a penny.
At Stoxkart, you only need to pay Rs.15/- per executed order regardless of the trade size whenever you trade Intraday in equity and that too only when you earn profit. Not only that, you can trade more with up to 25 times exposure per executed order on intraday trade across equity, currency and commodity.

Advanced Trading Platforms

Stoxkart offers three trading platforms – mobile, browser and desktop for an uninterrupted trading experience.

Mobile trading allows investors to access trading platforms from their smartphones rather than being confined to computer, hence the users can actively manage their portfolios even when they are away from a desktop/laptop. Stokxart App can be downloaded from Android Playstore or Apple Appstore.

A browser-based trading platform for those who are actively involved in the stock market and do frequent trading. Stoxkart is built on a robust platform that enables it to offer a quick, secure and seamless trading experience.

Desktop trading application is a new-age trading platform that is quick, user-friendly and easily accessible on Desktop and Laptop. It gives latest updates based on real time streaming quotes, advance charts, comprehensive order entry, research & advisory support, etc.

With Stoxkart, opening a Demat account on is very easy and hassle-free. So, join Stokxart’s fast growing community of traders and investors. Start trading with Stoxkart today!

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