The stock market is one of the best sources of investing and wealth creation. Unlike an equity investor, Intraday trader is one who buys and sells holdings during the same trading day to earn money on a daily basis. The net positing at the end of the day is zero, so there is no delivery. You can earn without holding your investments in stocks for a long-term.
It is important for every trader to remember these key things before identifying the right stock for Intraday trade:

First, it is important to study the technical chart pattern of selected stocks as this will help you understand the future price movement of any stock. If chart pattern is studied correctly, you can make a good position in that stock.

Second, an intraday trader must follow these stocks news. If there is any specific news relating to it, the trader can take advantage of such price movement.

Third, select only those stocks to Intraday trade that are liquid in nature or that trade in high volume. This is because you get sufficient buyers or sellers to execute the transaction faster.

Fourth, set the resistance levels of trading stock. Resistance level is the price beyond which stock is not able to rise. If these stocks cross the resistance level, it has the potential to move upwards.

Fifth, the trader should check out the weekly movement of selected stocks. This helps in understanding the trend of these stocks and thus takes a desired action.

Sixth, always trade with a stop loss. It will help you in limiting the loss or reduces risks from a certain level.

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