Published since 1 January 1986, the S&P BSE Sensex is regarded as the pulse of the domestic stock markets in India. The base value of the Sensex was taken as 100 on 1 April 1979 and its base year as 1978–79. The stock market has given a consistent return over 17% over the last four decades, much higher than gold or fixed deposits.

Here is the glimpse of few milestones of this incredible journey.

First, the Sensex has journeyed from 100 points in 1979 to 42000 in the beginning of year 2020 took only 40 years to cross the level.

Second, over the last 40 years, the Sensex has given a CAGR of over 17%, which is the highest return given by any asset class in India.

Third, it took 11 years to cross 1000 marks in 1990 and took only a year to cross 3000 on good monsoon and better corporate results.

Fourth, crossed 4,000 to 5,000 levels in 1999 taking seven years and reflecting India’s  IT Sector boom.

Fifth, the commodity boom saw a rally in 2006, the Sensex crossed the 10000 mark

Sixth, the Sensex hit the 20000 mark in December 2007, propelled by global liquidity, FII participation etc.

Seventh, after the sub-prime crisis hit in 2008-09, hit back to 25000 in 2014 from a low of 8500 after the stable govt. formed by NDA

Eight, steadily moved to 30,000 aided by abundant global liquidity provided by central bank maintained an accommodating stance

Ninth, Sensex hit a new high of 36000 in Jan’18  & 38000 in Aug’18 on the back of IMF predictions about Indian economy growth expectations

Tenth, India’s m-cap rose 52 percent, the highest among the 20 biggest economies, to $2.38 trillion.

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